Founded by Paul Wilson, World Sober Music Day is a non-profit event recognized during the month of September. The first World Sober Music Day took place on September 15th, 2018 with three events. One in Pompano Beach Florida, one in Myrtle Beach South Carolina, and one in Bon Aqua Tenn.This year we have four events, one in Oakland Park Fl. on Sept. 7th, one in Myrtle Beach South Carolina on Sept. 14th, one in Nashville Tenn Sept 21st and one in Buffalo NY. on Sept 28th.

World Sober Music Day is more than just an event, it is also a charity organization and 100% of the profits from the main yearly events and any other fund raisers we do will go to benefit Grandparents and other family members taking care of the children of deceased or non-present addicts and alcoholics . The funds are distributed back to the community they came from.

Each year World Sober Music Day will be celebrated to acknowledge and appreciate the impact and importance of music, as a part of recovery. If you would like to hold an event, be a corp. sponsor or attend one please contact us HERE.