About Our Founder

World Sober Music Day was founded by Paul Wilson in 2018.  Paul is a person with long term recovery…he is also a musician, husband, father and someone who truly believes that everyone deserves a chance to be free from addiction.

Paul’s road to recovery began in April of 2001. He had been homeless for 13 years and struggled with addiction for many years prior to that. Once Paul decided he was ready for a change, he started his journey to sobriety. Paul immediately found therapy in helping others and tried to help as many people as he could as he was also helping himself lead a better life.

Music had always been a part of Paul’s life, and he continued to play guitar to help with the progress. Music had always been a form of therapy for him, but as he began going through the program, he realized how important music was in the recovery of others as well.

Through recovery, he was able to restore his relationships with his children and with other family members, which are all still a major part of his life today.

In 2013 Paul started The Wilson Family band, which included his oldest son Chris Wilson on bass and grandson Justin Wilson Jr. on drums. The Wilson Family band featured three generations of Wilsons playing music together and included occasional guest spots by other family members as well. This project continues today in various forms, including Paul Wilson and Paul Wilson and Friends.

As Paul became more involved with music and recovery he also got more involved with numerous music projects, including playing for and working with Rockers in Recovery. In 2016, with guidance from John Hollis, Paul started Sobriety Unplugged, a small media company that focused on recovery-based music events.

World Sober Music Day is something that Paul Wilson dreamed of starting as a way to help others and a way to have a positive effect on the recovery community. A dream that is now a reality and will assist families that suffer due to addiction. World Sober Music Day will also be there to help the still sick and suffering addicts and alcoholics.

Paul knows and understands his efforts, along with all of yours, may only have a small effect on the problem, as a whole. But, if one child can be spared, and if a little relief can be given to a family, then it’s all worthwhile.