The Addict and the Abandon Child

By no fault of their own these children born to addicts in active addiction are thrust into a world of chaos and degradation which they have no control over.
 In many cases the addict either dies or is completely non present  in the child’s life and family members so often step in to take over the care of these poor innocent children.
 Statistically  there are more grandparents raising their grandchildren than ever before in the history of our nation. This is largely in part due to the opioid epidemic that is plagueing our nation.
If we could solve the opioid crisis and get these parents help before they die so they could take care of their children would be the ultimate solution.
But in the meantime these poor children are suffering and  grandparents are being strapped spending all their retirement or putting retirement off so they can continue to work and take care of the children.
We at World sober music day are trying to relieve some of that burden.
We know that we are but a small part of a big problem,  but if one child can be saved, a little relief given to the grandparents we feel we have done a little bit to help.
 So please stand with us and help us to help them.
Thank You
Paul Wilson
 President and Founder
World Sober Music Day